Thursday, January 20

How Can You Brighten Up Your Dark Room?

It is always a matter of challenge to light up any room which usually remains dark and gloomy. Particularly if the room lacks sufficient window space then there will be very little natural light available.

Therefore, for such rooms you need to consider more lighting fixtures from a good company like SOFARY who is known for providing good source of various lighting items.

Following are few ideas that can be used for lightening up your dark rooms.

    1. Aim lighting for wall and ceiling

Try to illuminate your walls or ceiling instead of focusing a bright light only on certain narrow areas of the wall. You can prefer to use few light sources on your wall as well as on the ceiling.

    2. Avoid too heavy lighting fixtures

Having large and heavy fixtures can be detrimental for creating enough light and also airy space. While choosing overhead hanging fixture, try to opt for something that is visually lighter.

    3. Keep your window panes clean

Keep your window panes clean so that you will get enough natural lights.

    4. Lighten lampshades

You can also prefer to use lampshades and use lampshades of lighter color instead of choosing darker or opaque shades. Even your lampshades must allow spreading lights in the room.

    5. Paint your ceiling with bright white color

Having a white ceiling will give a feeling of having a taller room. In order to brighten up your dark room, it will be a good idea to paint it with bright white instead of cream, ivory or any other kind of off white color.

    6. Paint woodwork

Often people avoid painting their woodwork, however if you like to brighten up your darker rooms then this is one of the best ideas. It will freshen up your room instantly.

    7. Choose Transparent furniture

Another idea can also do the trick for your darker rooms by using chairs and tables made of certain transparent material, so that it does not block any light and rather help to spread light.

    8. Prefer not to use too much wall art

Do not use too many photographs or art pieces in darker rooms. As much as possible your walls must remain free from decoration.

    9. Prefer slim-line furniture

If your furniture happens to be with heavy curve then it may give a darker feel to the area. Therefore, prefer to have light and slim furniture. However, if you love curvy furniture then keep as minimum as possible.

    10. Streamline all your window treatments

Certainly your window needs covering but try to avoid any darker shades for the curtains. Also, make sure that curtains have enough length so that it can touch almost your floor.

    11. Try to maximize lighting by using mirrors

To brighten up any darker room, use of mirror can always be a great idea as it will reflect all the available lights. Try to place the available light source near the mirror.

    12. Use fairy lights and candles

You can prefer to increase luminosity of your darker room by using certain decorating fairy style lightings or some other ambient lighting.

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