Welcome to the Lake

Eat, Drink, Play Watch Sports.

Smiley’s is operated along with Pine Lodge Steakhouse and The Lodges at Sunset Village! Jonathan Kessler has assembled these three favorites of Deep Creek Lake over the past thirty-five years!  Kessler was nicknamed Smiley at college. The businesses are all operated with a dedicated staff proud to provide excellent accommodations at The Lodges at Sunset Village… a growing cabin hotel suite property.  The Food and Fun offered at Smiley’s B&G/Fun Zone provides great attractions and food at a great value!  Pine Lodge Steakhouse steps up the dining experience in a rustic casual flavor fit for all western Maryland mountain resort guests!  Get outside and when your done come to see us too!

The Smiley’s Bar & Grill offers inexpensive food (Avg check is under $15 pp) that is hand crafted!  We make the pizza from scratch and hold the highest standards for product quality!  We have a long time tradition of serving outstanding wings with delicious homemade sauces and dips!  Couple the Food/Fun deals and you will not beat the value!  We have several deals that give you FREE bonus cash when you spend money using the debit card system known as the Fun Value Card!

The Best Deal!


Smiley’s always offers the best deals as advanced purchase options.  You can take advantage of the deal by buying online or via a call to 301-387-0059!  You really only need to consider two ways to pay to play!  The Miles of Smiles day pass is $46.50 and is what it sounds like.  One person can play and ride all the attractions from open to close.  The most popular way to play is to buy a Fun Value Card!  We offer deals for $100 that bumps the value by $35 free Bonus Cash value!  Bonus cash is redeemable for anything but food and beverages!  So the $100 FVC will allow any number of people to spend the $100 on anything plus the free $35 bonus cash can be used for arcade games, go carts, mini golf, lazer tag, bumper boats etc!