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Here’S Everything You Need To Know About Moving A Hot Tub

Every piece of furniture becomes an individual project when you are facing a big move. A hot tub is perhaps the most important item that requires more thought logistics.

How do you move a hot tub safely? We’ll show you all the details in this guide.

  1. How to Move a Hot Tub

Medium hot tubs will hold between 5-6 people and are approximately 7 feet in length and 35.5 inches high.

A small hot tub that can hold between 2 and 4 people will likely be 6 feet in length and 30 inches high.

A larger hot tub will hold 7 to 9 people and be approximately nine long by almost 40 inches in height. Even the smallest hot tubs, which are intended for only a handful of people, still weigh between 300 and 500 pounds. You’re probably aware that hot tubs are expensive, regardless of whether you purchased them yourself or inherited them from someone else.

Third, hot bathtubs are very expensive.

  1. steps to move your hot tub

You can place a furniture doll on each side of the hot tub and then insert the flat side between the two-by-4s.

You will then drain the hot tub thoroughly, at least one day in advance.

Attach the hot tub to your dollies using the bungee strings

Put a 2-by-4 under the tub’s end, so that it isn’t flush with the ground.

Another two-by-four should be placed under the hot tub.

If you have strong friendships to help, it is possible to save money by moving the hot tub yourself.

  1. What is the cost of moving a hot tub to another location?

Hiring professionals to move your hot tub is a good compromise that will give you more security and comfort.

You can either hire a dolly or rent one to help you move your hot tub. And if your hot tub is damaged during the process, you will be fully covered. This will increase the value of your hot tub.

  1. Consider additional expenses when moving a hot-tub

You may be offered a flat fee if you hire fort lauderdale movers to move your hot tub. Others will charge you a sliding rate based on your specific situation. Talking with several hot tub movers will give you an idea of what is fair. However, it is a smart strategy to determine if your hot tub and home are likely to incur additional expenses before you ask hot tub movers for their pricing.If:

  • Your hot tub will need to be moved to a higher level, such as upstairs, or to a different grade.
  • Forklifts or cranes are required for very heavy duty or specialized equipment.
  • If the hot tub must move through tight spaces or awkward places
  • You may need to move the hot tub over a long distance.
  1. Here are 5 ways to move your hot tub yourself

Before you move, make sure the permanent location you intend to place the hot tub is empty It’s always good to only move one item, but if it’s a large hot tub, this advice is even more important.

Review the hot tub’s insurance policy to determine if you are covered for an accident that occurs during a non-professional move. You can protect your hot tub by wrapping it in blankets or rope and making sure it is sturdy on the truck and dollies. Even if you have decided to DIY, it is important to understand the details of your hot tub insurance policy.

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