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How Water Pipes Can be a Better Option as Compared to Dry Pipes?

Those who are stoners enjoy their smoking either using water pipes or dry pipes. Both are quite popular options.

By using water pipes, you can have filtered smoking that can be quite a smooth one and 90% of the particulate can get filtered out. Dry pipes can be easily concealed and one can carry them while travelling.

You can buy both these kinds of pipes from any online head shop or from Express smoke shops of very good quality at reasonable price.

Let us try to compare between dry and water pipes in this article. Following are few parameters based on which they will be compared.

  1. Cost

If you look at the cost then certainly you will find dry pipes at much affordable price in comparison with water pipes. Dry pipes are usually available within the range of $10 to $40.

Water pipe may be available at the cost range of $40 to $150. Few very good qualities with intricate designs of water popes can be as high as $400 or even more.

  1. Portability

Dry pipes as mentioned before are much portable and usually they are much smaller in sizes too. Also, dry pipes will not need any additional water and hence one can carry them while travelling.

  1. Ease of use

Here too, dry pipes are winners as there is no attachments needed and within 30 seconds you can pack the herb and be ready to smoke.

Water pipes needs little longer to set up. You need right quantity of water and sometime you may prefer even ice and thus may take about five minutes to set.

  1. Smoothness of smoking

Here, water pipes will be ahead of dry pipes, as water pipes offer better filtration so that your mouth, throat or lungs may not get irritated but you will feel very cool and smooth feeling.

Water pipes can filter out carcinogens and the smoking will be much healthier than dry pipes.

  1. Experience of smoking

Again, here water pipe is a winner and a single large puff will give even a seasoned stoner lots of upliftment. Besides that, you are able to save on herbs too.

Having said that, often the results of using water pipe for smoking is a bit overwhelming. Certainly, they are not meant for super social smoker.

Mostly you like to have big fat snack as well as nice couch after taking few puffs. Dry pipes can definitely be easier to dose, because hits will not surprise you.

  1. Variety

As far as dry pipes are concerned, you really need to search for different varieties on the web. However, water pipes can have many attachments.

Dry pipes have following varieties –

  • Chillums
  • One Hitters
  • Sherlock Pipes
  • Spoon Pipes
  • Steam Rollers

Water pipes have following varieties –

  • Beaker Bongs
  • Bongs
  • Bubblers
  • Carburetor Bongs
  • Dab Rigs
  • Multi-Chamber Bongs
  • Recycler Bongs
  1. Durability

This will depend more upon how you maintain and use your pipes and also whether you are a single user or a multi user.

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